When to Set a Customer Discount

You can access the Account Information/AR section of the customer information page by opening any customer in your database, or by adding a new customer to your database. This will bring you to the Information tab, where you can scroll down to about half way down the page to the Account Information/AR section. There at the bottom of the section will be the Cust Discount item.

The Cust Discount is used to add a discount to the customer's account that you would like to have apply to all of the jobs created for that customer in the near or foreseeable future.




When should I use the Cust Discount?

You should use the Cust Discount whenever you want to apply a permanent discount to your customer's account. This is perfect for military, first responder, friends and family, or customer loyalty discounts. The key to the Cust Discount is only applying it when you will not have to remember to come back to the customer information page to change it.


When should I NOT use the Cust Discount?

You will never want to use the Cust Discount when you want to add a temporary or one time discount; this is when you would want to utilize the job discount, service line item discount, or service calculator discount described here.