2022 Webinars

Renewal Webinar with Elizabeth 9/2/2022


Please see our Renewals Tutorial Section of our Help Center for video tutorials and animated Gifs 

What Are Renewals?

Renewals are a batch of jobs composed of services copied from the previous year in order to re-offer and continue work.

Whether you’re in the lawn industry, tree care, plant health care, or landscape maintenance, you may need to offer annual contracts. These could fall into one of two categories: 

  • Reproposing work to generate new revenue. – In this situation, the client needs to approve the work again or reassessment of the property may need to happen. 
    • Plant Health Care for Tree
    • Trimming and Pruning Services
    • Alternate year work (Emerald Ash, SOD, Growth Reduction)


  • Continuous annual contracts to generate anticipated revenue. – In this situation, the client is on contract and is charged on a continuous basis until they indicate otherwise and cancel their contract.
    • Maintenance packages
    • Lawn applications series


Why do we run Renewals?


Reporting and clean data! 

Some clients want to keep a job open over the course of multiple years. Not only is this visually messy and becomes confusing, it can damage reports that rely on job completed dates to accurately calculate close ratios for jobs, revenue generated, profit margins after completed costs and estimated versus actual man hour totals for the entire job. 


New Pricing, Upselling, and Batch Modifications! 

Additionally, many times, prices need to be raised due to supply chain availability or the property needs to be reassessed as the landscape and plant life may have changed. Renewals allow for batch editing to price and upselling. For example, if you offered Deer & Tick sprays last year and you are now offering Mosquito Spray Systems, you can upsell those to clients who had the Deer & Tick Sprays as they may be interested and both are priced from the same measurements.

How to Prepare for Renewals | See Article Here


  • Set Renewal Intervals for services that do NOT renew annually. (EAB / SOD / Growth)
    • Read this article on Do Not Renew Until Dates
    • Forgot to do this? No worries! Reach out to our data team, we can help set this retroactively.


    • Determine your current sales staff - “Reassign Salesperson” 
    • Renewals can group jobs by salesperson. If you have someone who has left your employment, one option is to reassign their work. See this video tutorial.
    • Ensure that you do not have “Not Assigned” set at the customer level.


    • Such examples include customers who are deceased. If the new home owner does not want to have their property serviced, you may not want to send them a renewal. Another example is a client who was truant on paying their account. In this case, you most likely do not want to perform more work for free. Here is how to set a customer to be inactive:


    • Set Proposals you do not want to renew to “Send Future Renewal”
    • In the event you want other work for a client to renew, just not this specific job, we can prevent a job from being renewed. 


    • Clean up and Merge / Deactivate Services that were duplicated or are not being offered.


    • Bid a full program for MID SEASON WORK using tags and “Not Approved” Status
    • Correct: 
          • $120 Application 1 - Early Spring - Not Approved
          • $145 Application 2 - Late Spring  - Not Approved
          • $75 Application 3 - Early Summer
          • $125 Application 4 - Late Summer
          • $125 Application 5 - Early Fall
    • Incorrect:
        • $75 Application 3 - Early Summer
        • $125 Application 4 - Late Summer
        • $125 Application 5 - Early Fall


    • Renewal Proposal Format
      • Do you need to add a custom letter?
      • Do you offer Prepayment Discounts
      • Do you need the client to approve the work? Or are you informing them of what is on their service renewal? 


    • Other Considerations:
      • Do you need to increase your prices?
      • Do you need to upsell a new service?
      • Do you want your default notes to come over?

    General Renewals Outline


    • Discuss Lawn Job Example with Recurring Services and Contracts
    • Discuss PHC Job with Declined work and Mid Season work
    • Discuss What Renews with a job. 
      • Service Pictures?
      • CAD Map? PI?
      • Deactivated Services? - Example AP Tree Inspection
      • Merged Services? - Example Fert A, Fert B
      • Description? Work Order Notes?
      • Service Discounts? Job Discounts?
      • Resources (Materials)? Equipment? Employees?
      • Tags? 
    • How to Prevent Something from Renewing
      • Customer Level
      • Job Level
      • Service Level
    • Renewal Generation Screen
      • Renewal Date Range
      • Setting Your Filters
      • Utilizing Tags
    • Renewal Edit Screen
      • Stars, Tags
      • Grouping by Salesperson
      • Removing Columns
      • Saving Your Layout
      • Arranging your Interface


    • Merging Jobs
    • Filter Capabilities
    • Upselling work
    • Price Increases
    • Service Filters
    • Updating Sections
    • Batch Approve Service
    • Delete Services, Jobs, or the Entire Batch
    • Moving a Batch to WO Status
    • Renewing Contracts
    • Recurring Routes from Last Year
    • Printing Your Renewals
    • Merge Discounts for Prepayment
    • E-Proposal Features