Customer Essentials

Customer Discounts

Customer discounts are one of a few ways to offer a discount. Learn why and when to use it.

Customer Discount is a percentage discount that is always added to any job created at any job site for that Customer. 

  • Customer Discount is calculated before tax. Be sure that you are using a Proposal format that is designed to display the Customer Discount. 
  • When should I use the Customer Discount?

You should use the Customer Discount whenever you want to apply a permanent discount to your customer's account. This is perfect for military, first responder, friends and family, or customer loyalty discounts. 

  • When should I NOT use the Customer Discount?

You will never want to use the Customer Discount when you want to add a temporary or one time discount; this is when you would want to utilize the job discount on a specific job, or a service line item discount, or service calculator discount described here.

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Last Updated by: Elizabeth on 05/16/23