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E-invoice Emailing Strategies

How to use your Company Settings E-invoice set up. How to use the E-invoice merge field button

E-invoice is a feature where you can send your customers an electronic copy of their invoice, through which the customer can pay the invoice digitally. E-invoice is available for people with an active Arborgold Payments integration.


To edit your E-invoice Settings, navigate the gear cog at the top right to Company Settings.

Navigate to E-Invoice settings on the right side:

You will see the following info:

Always offer E-Invoice:  This will automatically set the 'Offer E-Invoice' on the Email screen before sending an email.

Show Company Logo: This will set to show the 'Company Logo' on the E-invoice. The company logo can be uploaded in the Company Information page. (click gear cog at top right corner to get there)

Show Service Description: This will show service descriptions on the E-invoice

Confirmation Email: When a customer makes an E Payment via Customer Portal or E Invoice you will receive a notification regarding the details of the payment.

Subject: This is a historic data field which sets the Subject Email when sending an
'E-Invoice.' The feature is not required after 8.0, which enables you to set a custom Subject when sending invoices along with a custom Body.

Body: email body of the E-invoice email template


When going to email the invoice, you will notice if you flip Offer E-invoice ON that it will take the e-invoice email template here. Although, you can use the merge field E-invoice Button to use regular email templates. Even with Offer E-invoice flipped OFF, this will still enable the customer to see the button to view the E-invoice if  the merge field is included in the email template.


Last Modified by Josh Hughey 7/26/23