SMTP Email Setup

SMTP Email Setup Connect Arborgold to your SMTP email for customer emails Kristie

Cloud Email Settings

Mobile Estimator Email Setup

You can link your company SMTP email to Arborgold for sending email to customers (proposals, invoices, etc.)

  • Sends one off emails to individual customers

  • Emails sent with SMTP through Arborgold will be in your email Sent folder (Gmail, or other providers)

  • Emails sent through Arborgold will be viewable in Email Outbox

    • Will not provide delivered or opened status (only available if sent via batch email provider)

Note: SMTP does not allow for batch emailing. To utilize this functionality you will need batch email integration

Connecting SMTP email in Cloud

  • From User at top right corner >Settings > Email

  • In Provider drop down menu select your email provider

    • If provider is not listed leave blank

  • If Provider is selected the following will be filled in for you

    • SMTP Server Name

    • SMTP Port No

    • Use Authenticated Email (on/off)

    • Use Secure SSL (on/off)

  • Enter your email address in the following fields

    • Email Address

    • SMTP UserName

  • Enter your email password in

    • SMTP Password

  • Select 'Save & Test"

    • Message Email Settings Saved and Test Connection Succeeded indicates your email is now ready to use.

If connection test fails

You may go through the connection process and still have the connection test fail. If this happens your email is not ready to use in Arborgold

Some email clients (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) may require additional security settings updates in your account to allow Arborgold to connect.

Connecting SMTP email in Mobile Estimator

If you will be emailing proposals from the Mobile Estimator app you will need to connect your email app in Mobile Estimator.

From the Dashboard > Hamburger Menu

  • Settings

  • Email

  • Email Method

  • Select SMTP

  • Select Provider from dropdown

  • Enter email address

    • email address

    • Username

  • Enter email password

  • Select Save (top right)

  • Recieve Message

    • Email Settings Saved and Test Email Sent Successfully

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