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Batch Email - Sendgrid

Batch Email - Sendgrid Sendgrid is an upgrade, please contact Sales at 812-269-8402 Elizabeth Ogle

What is Batch Email?

This feature allows you to send multiple emails at once.

How is it Used in Arborgold?

Batch Email enables the following features in Arborgold:

  • Batch Proposals - Ability to propose multiple jobs at once.

  • Batch Invoicing - Ability to invoice all scheduled and completed work from the work scheduler and send it to all clients.

  • Batch Statement - Ability to follow up on outstanding accounts and email all clients who have the preference and their email address on file.

  • Automation Marketing:

    • Generate Customer List - Select customers to email in batch based on filter criteria such as services completed, zip codes, tags, etc

    • Renewals - Re-offer all the work you did in prior years to retain, upsell, or continue subscription services to clients. This feature is a huge money maker!

    • Automation Marketing - Close more proposals with this automated follow up feature. This will email any client that has not closed their proposal (by switching the job into declined status or work order status)

If you are interested in integrating with SendGrid you can do so yourself by following these instructions:

  • On that page select the plan that meets your company’s needs then click the Get Started button.

  • On the next screen fill out the New Account information, which will require you to add basic Account Information and Billing Information.

Once you are logged into your SendGrid Account you need to grab the SendGrid API Key to stick into Arborgold. This can be obtained from:

  • Settings -> API Keys

Within Arborgold update your Batch Email settings with your SendGrid credentials. Also, make sure that you make SendGrid Active!

Enter the API key here:

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