Renewals Overview (10 minutes)

HubSpot Video

This video covers the absolute basics of running a renewal. 

  • How to Generate a Renewal Batch
  • Understanding Generated Status
  • How to Search and Filter in the Edit Renewals Screen
  • Merging Renewed Jobs (Why do I need to do this?) 
  • How to Update the Resources
  • How to Increase Service Prices
  • How to Email or Print your Renewal (Communicate)
  • Click here to learn how to delete a batch (not covered in video)


*If this is your first time running renewals, we recommend our comprehensive guide. 


Here is our quick GIF of setting the renewal criterial 

Here is a quick GIF of filtering and editing the renewal and sending an Email (Communication)

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Authored by: Elizabeth on 10/02/23 

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