Job Management from Job Information

Deactivate and Restoring Jobs

How to deactivate a job and restore jobs from the customer

How to delete a job from the customer account:


Open the job to be deactivated, go to Action -> Job Options -> Deactivate Job

Deactivate Conformation window will appear, select Yes

Note: All services need to be Not scheduled, completed or invoiced. If a service is Invoiced with a payment attached to the invoice, the process would be do delete the payment, delete the invoice, change from RTI status to Completed, remove Completed Date, then unschedule service. For a detailed explanation, click here.


If you decide a job was deleted in error you can restore it to the customer account


Go to Job -> Jobs listing on the left menu

Click the three dots at the top right > Restore

Select Jobs(s), click Restore

Last edited by Josh Hughey 7/7/2023