Job Creation

‘Do Not Invoice’ and ‘Add-On’

To access the ‘Do Not Invoice’ and ‘Add-On’ options of an individual service, you will want to be on the Job Information page of the service you would like to edit, click on the '+' button next to the service, move over to the Service Settings, and toggle your settings of choice.




Do Not Invoice - is utilized if you do not intend on billing your client for this service. This will allow you to accept a service, schedule it and track resources against it without it appearing on the Batch Invoice page or allowing you to invoice it from the job. Note that the number one reason why your recurring visits / recurring children do not show up in the Batch Invoice screen, or flag an error when you go to invoice, is because this toggle has been flipped on. To fix this issue, you will want to un-flip the toggle on each visit.


Add-On - serves two purposes. The first being for when a contract job is created, and then the customer requests for another service be performed outside of the contract. This is to allow you to bill the customer for that service outside of the contract. The second purpose is for when services are added to the job from the mobile crew, while the crew is actually on the job.