Supply Chain Management

Setting the Inventory Stock Date

Showing you how to set the inventory stock date and why - Jerry Jerome


All right, We're going to go over how to set your inventory stock date. We're over on our dashboard, let's head on over to our supply chain management to inventory stock and here we go. Here’s all our inventory items. At the top right of the screen, you're going to find the three dots. Select that and go ahead and click on Set Inventory Stock Date.

Here’s where you change that, and an instance where you would want to do this is you've been doing a bunch of work using up some materials within your database, and you're reflecting a bunch of negative numbers. But you haven't actually taken in any stock at your location, whether it be your office, your farm location, your shop location, whatever it might be. You can go ahead and set that date right here when you actually do receive the material. That way anything previously tracked as negatives won't be affecting this new stock date and the new material that you've received. 

So, I've got March 13th of 23 as mine. We're gonna go over here to a job that I've already got started and we've got some fertilizer on this first service which is going to use this 10/10/10 right here on the top line of my inventory screen. 

We've got this scheduled and as you can see, part of this 771 is including the material from that scheduled service. So, let's go ahead and do this. We want to change the work order status to completed, hit save, and then we're going to open up the detail for this service itself and I'm going to change the status for the service to complete it as well. And we're going to notice the completed date right here is 5/18. Back out of here, hit the save button again. It's showing my completion date of 5/18/23. So if I come back over here, we'll see about 70 pounds of material go from this scheduled column to our Completed column. Let's refresh that and there you go. See how it moved over from the Scheduled column to our Completed column now.

Let's say this job was completed before my inventory stock date of March 13th.  Let's go ahead and manipulate this date really quick, just to give you an example.  Go ahead and open up my service detail. I'm going to change my completed date right here and I'm just going to change it to March 1st. Go back, hit save. We go back to our inventory stock screen and we're going to see this inventory item go from 772 back down to 702 after I hit refresh, there it is. 

Now to confirm that this job does not show up in the listings for this material, I hit the down arrow on the right-hand side, go to my jobs listing. This shows me all the jobs that have this material, triple 10 on it as part of a service, whether it's invoiced, pending, or scheduled, everything is showing up right here. 

So, if you look the job name is Doe 20221006. We go to our list here, we can search the last name, nope, no job names with the name DOE in here. So that's how the inventory stock date affects your inventory and tracking.  So make sure that if you want jobs and materials that you want to track, make sure that that inventory stock date is set before those jobs, not after.