Sendgrid Integration

Arbrorgold offers Batch emailing through Sendgrid. Batch emailing can offer you the following features in arborgold:

*Note batch emailing is an option ONLY for Professional and Enterprise level 

*To get help with setting up Sendgrid integration, talk to your account manager or through our support channel by chatting in or calling 812-269-8402 during support hours.

1. Batch emailing jobs, particularly for our renewals feature which is typically done at the end of the season to pitch new work for the coming season

2. Batch emailing invoices to customers, with a credit card integration you can utilize the E-invoice with this option (E-invoice requires Arborgold's Payments Processing Integration)

3. Batch emailing job reminders in the work scheduler (texting can be done separately with a Twilio integration)

4. Batch emailing using our generate customer list feature

5. Batch emailing using job automation and appointment automation

*Note appointment automation requires twilio for texing and the automation marketing feature are for Enterprise Level ONLY