Supply Chain Management

Manual Inventory Adjustment

In this article we will show you how to make a manual inventory adjustment. - Jerry Jerome


All right. I'm going to show you how to create a manual adjustment for an inventory item. 

We're going to head over to our supply chain management here on the left-hand side, we're going to go on up to inventory stock. 

Now we've got our inventory stock list and I'm going to search for the item that I want to make a manual adjustment for, which is going to be a mulch.  I'm going to do the third item right here and what you do is, select the square on the left-hand side of that item, go up to the action drop-down menu, and then hit the + new manual adjustment. Select that, and choose the date of the adjustment, you can backdate it if you need to.  Adjust the type, adjustment, negative adjustment positive to existing. Are you going to be receiving, is this a usage or a waste adjustment? These are your options. 

Here I'm going to do an adjustment and we're going to do a negative adjustment of 55 yards. And here you can add some brief little notes on the description of why you're making this adjustment. Let's just say the original amount entered was incorrect. So, the original amount that I had entered a while back was not accurate, so it was off by 55 yards. I'm going to make that note and create that adjustment right here.

Now if we go back again to the mulch, you can see right here we've got a negative adjustment. You can see that clear as day now. Now I want to go ahead and make a new adjustment. Let's bring that to a positive or actually, we're going to break even at 0.  I'm going to leave the description alone. I'm going to hit create. Now again, we see right here, here's that inventory item. Inventory Stocked is 0 yards, so that is now accurate.