Customer Overview Analytics

You can understand about Customer Overview Analytics

Customer Overview analytics helps to analyze your Customer base by any of the Customer’s characteristics. Knowing your Customer is important to streamline your business with better decisions.

It helps reps to have clear guidelines and gently push leads through the different stages and close more deals. You can observe whether your team is on track to meet their planned goals using this dashboard.

Customer Overview Analytics presents below KPI’s and Insights:



Total Prospects

Understand Total Prospects found for the selected period of time.

Total Customers

Understand Total Customers added for the selected period of time.

Still in Lead Stage

Understand Number of prospects still under Lead for the selected period of time.

Close Ratio

This metric can help you monitor and understand your team better.

This KPI tells you how effectively your Sales Reps are able to close the deal.

Prospect by Status (Lead vs Active vs Dormant)

Understand Prospect by status (Lead Vs Active Vs Dormant) for the selected period of time.

Customers by Account Balance | Top 5

Understand your Top 5 Customers who have high Account Balance.

Top 5 Customer Type by Customers

Know what type of Customers you have the most (Residential or Commercial)

Customers by Tag | Top 5

Know your Customers by the Tag you have attached. 

Customers Won Over Time

To understand Customer acquisition for the selected date period. Lead vs Prospect Over time,

Top 5 Ad source by Customers

To understand the source from which Prospects are added. 

Top 5 Districts by Number of Customers

To understand the Customers by District.

What are the districts with high and Low Customers? 

Helps to align your Sales target Geographically based on your Goal.

Customer Detail

Provides you with a summary about Customer with details like.,

Name, Type, Class, Jobs Accepted, Account Terms, Account Balance.

Computed fields

Close Ratio = (Total Accepted / SUM(Total Leads))

Accepted = Jobs with Status (Work order or Completed)

Revenue  = SUM(Price)

Gross Profit = (SUM(Price) - SUM(Cost))


Using filters you can analyze by applying various search criteria, here are the available filters:

Customer  Salesperson  Customer Tag  Type  District  Account Terms

Importance of Customer Overview Analytics & Benefits

  • The ability to analyze Customers based on the data collected about them.
  • Information related to the Proposals-to-Close ratio, demonstrating the percentage of opportunities that your sales person was able to convert into actual wins and profits for your operation. 

People using Customer Analytics says

  • A great way to measure the success of and to track conversion rate.
  • It helped to build a process to close more deals.
  • It helped quantify the value of future sales.
  • It allowed sales teams to build statistics around the size and the number of deals required to mathematically exceed quota.

Term Definition

Prospects : Prospects are possible Customers. A Qualified prospect who has a High probability of becoming a Customer.

Still In Leads: A lead is a contact. They are the ones who say “I’m Interested, I see the value, but I can't take it at this moment for some reasons.”