Crew Time Analytics

You can understand about Crew Time Analytics

Crew Time Analytics can help you analyze and understand your crew’s performance and also to measure how accurate your estimation is.

Crew Time Analytics is designed to present below KPIs and Insights



Total Revenue

Total Revenue generated for the selected period of time.

Estimated Hours

Total Estimated hours for Crew based for the selected period of time.

Actual Hours

Total Actual hours spent from Crew(s) based for the selected period of time.

Top 5 Crew(s) spent More time than Estimated


Understanding the Crew(s) taking longer time than expected helps you to take necessary action with the Salesperson and Crew.

Top 5 Crew(s) spent Less time than Estimated

You can understand crews taking less time than expected.

Crew Time Report by Job and Service

A detailed summary with information about the Crew’s at work for selected date period. Job, Service, Crew, Revenue, Estimated RPH, Actual RPH, Est. Hours, Act. Hours

Crew wise Estimated vs Actual Time Spent

This is list of Crew summary with Estimated Hours and Actual Time spent.


Revenue = SUM(Price)

RPH = SUM(Price) / SUM(Hours)


If the actual price is not set for the service, then an estimated price is considered.

These are the business constraints that are applied.

  • All the metrics are calculated for the applied date range filter.

  • Services that are either "Completed" or "Invoiced" are considered


Advanced filters provide the ability to drill down, slice and dice, and filter the dashboard to view the different insights.

Here are the filters using which you can analyze your operational sales information.

  • Filter by Job

  • Filter by Sales person

  • Filter by Crew

  • Filter by Performance

The Importance of Crew Time & Benefits

  • To track Crew productivity and compare estimated project time to actual time. Start with just one or two Crew members who will be able to perform the specialty tasks. Grow the specialty side of your Crew as the need increases not before.

  • Allowing your Crew to have a full view of their time and how much time they've spent also means that they'll be better able to manage their time off. They will be able to feel in control of their schedule and have a full view of their time and the know-how to manage it effectively if they want time off.