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Copy URL Links

Copy URL Links Enhancement to Copy URL links in Arborgold 7.10 Caleb

Arborgold now has a feature to Copy URL Links which allows you to copy the link of any page in Arborgold quickly and easily.

This enhancement will allow team members to easily share pages across the organization.

Using the Copy Link feature

The Copy URL Link feature is available on many screens allowing users to quickly copy and paste.

Go to the Job listing and right click on any job to see the Copy URL Link feature.

Here you can “Get Job Link” or “Get Customer Link” and it will copy it to the clipboard.

When it has been successfully copied, there will be a success message at the bottom that appears.

Copy Links is Available on these screens in Arborgold 7.10

  • Customer Listing

  • Job Listing

  • Bill Listing

  • Vendor Listing

  • Invoice Listing

  • Work Scheduler

  • Purchase Order Listing

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