7.10 Release Documentation

Company Settings

Arborgold has new company settings coming in Arborgold 7.10 which allows you to adjust all your important company settings in one place easily.

Company Settings include:

  • Account

  • Applicator License

  • Communication

  • Customer

  • E-Invoice

  • E-Proposal

  • Job

  • Payroll

  • Time

Account Settings

Account settings are where all the accounting default information is stored. Learn more about Account Settings here.


Applicator License Settings

Applicator License settings are where your company can store your Applicator Restricted and Operator licenses which can be printed on custom reports.


Communication Settings

Communication settings allow you to adjust the PDF attachment to Proposal emails.

Checking this option will attach the proposal PDF to proposal emails.


Customer Settings

Customer settings allow you to set auto-fill information for any default customer type in every new customer's profile that is created. Learn more about the Default Customer Settings here.


E-Invoice Settings

E-Invoice settings will allow you to adjust information related to Arborgold's E-Invoice such as the confirmation email. Learn more about the E-Invoice Settings here.


E-Proposal Settings

E-Proposal Settings will allow you to adjust information related to Arborgold's E-Proposal such as the plant inventory and the ability to decline and request changes. Learn more about the E-Proposal Settings here.


Job Settings

Job Settings will allow you to update information about when rescheduling work and setting the service completed date. Learn more about the Job Settings here.


Payroll Settings

Payroll settings allow you to set up payroll settings that will sync with QuickBooks Payroll. Learn more about the Payroll Settings here.


Time Settings

Time settings will allow you to adjust the default activities on the clock-in and clock-out. Learn more about Time Settings here.