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Infographic: Cloud Users vs Mobile Users

What's the difference? Common Q&A

Cloud vs Mobile

Cloud User Mobile Only User
  • Full access to features such as:
    • Database Settings
    • Customer Creation 
    • Message Center
    • Jobs (Proposals, WOs, History)
    • Work Scheduler
    • Accounting
      • Invoices
      • Payments 
      • Statements
    • Reporting, Analytics, Visualizations
    • Job Costing
    • *Advanced features based on subscription level

Arborgold Crew: Digital Work Order

  • Tied to a crew not just an employee
  • Any member of the crew can log in
    • Multiple logins permitted from multiple devices & locations
    • Accessed from tablet or phone or via a browser on a computer
  • Work orders scheduled to that crew are visible on their daily "to-do" list
  • Track start and stop times for a Job to calculate total labor cost
  • Track time for Payroll
  • Track material and equipment

Each Cloud User can double as either and Arborgold Crew login OR a Mobile Estimator login


All Cloud Users have complimentary access to any Mobile-Only Arborgold Crew accounts via their browser.

Mobile Estimator: Digital Proposal

  • Tied to one  Salesperson (Employee)
  • Only that Salesperson can log in
    • Accessed from a tablet or phone
  • Access Messages & Appointments  
  • Create new Customers & Proposals
  • Customer can sign the proposal digitally on the spot or via email