Job Specific Accounting

Billing by Service vs Contract Billing


Alright, I'm going to go over Billing by Service vs Billing by a Contract.

First, I'm going to show you the Contract Billing side. So right here, we've got a job. We got a very large landscape installation, a price of over $230,000. So, we want to go ahead and set this up as a contract and bill it out in installments. 

So, what we do is we go up here to the action drop-down, go to Contract options and select Bill Job as Contract. Now here on the left-hand side of the screen, we're going to create a name for this contract and then we're going to enter in a contract amount and I'm just going to carbon copy the amount of the job and my installment schedule is going to be monthly spread over 12 months right here as it already filled that in for me and it breaks down how much each installment will be. I'm going to select my first installment date.  June 12th will be my first date. Assign this to a service Landscape Installation. Select a crew, it's going to be my installation crew.  And here's where I can enter some contract notes or installment notes here as well. And if I wanted to, I could save these settings so I can select them again in the future. But I doubt that I'm going to need these. 

So, let's just go ahead and click create installments. And down here at the bottom page, all those installments are created, each with its own amount, which crew, whether or not it's been invoiced, and whether or not it shows it being paid.  

Go back over here to the job information. So, we've got this service all set up as a Contract, but let's say the client wanted us to remove a tree that wasn't part of this scope of work. We want to bill that out separately. We're going to do that as an individual service here. So, we'll go ahead and enter our Tree Removal Service, six hours & hit save. There we go, we're all set. We'll just change this to an estimated one visit and now that's ready to go. 

Let's say we just took care of this on the first day we were there for this other large job. We can just go ahead and select the square at the far-left side of that service line item and we can go ahead and hit the action drop-down and go to Invoice and it creates the invoice and fills out just that service for us right here. And that's how you would fill out a contract versus individual service.


Authored by: Jerry Jerome on 6/7/23