7.7 Release Documentation

Batch Add and Remove Employee Resources

Batch Add and Remove Employee Resources 7.7 Update Additional Enhancements Caleb

This enhancement enables you to add or remove employees as resources on multiple services at once, as long as the services are assigned to the same crew. This enhancement is beneficial for crew production managers to update multiple jobs on the go within the Work Scheduler and quickly change Employees assigned to the services.

How to Batch Add and Remove Employees

Select the Action Dropdown in the Work Scheduler

Select Resources

After selecting Resources, it will open the Batch Add and Remove Resources screen.

Upon adjusting the employees, the button will appear in orange to save the employees. You can also change the option to update the Crew defaults upon saving.

When updating a Recurring service will now ask you to update only this visit or all future visits with the Employees you have adjusted.

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