Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release_Version - 8.1.56

Release_Version - 8.1.56

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the email template issue in the ME app on iOS devices, where the email format was not loading correctly when attempting to send an email through the application.
  • Addressed the issue where the ME app on iOS devices was not displaying any equipment in the Equipment Resources list.
  • Resolved the issue where the system allowed the entry of a $0.00 payment for invoices through E-Invoice and the Customer portal.
  • Fixed issue with "Skip no reschedule" service reverting to pending status despite the recurring parent being set to "skip reschedule". Implemented automatic setting of parent service status to Skip Reschedule when all child services are skipped. Users can now manually update the status for existing records.
  • Resolved the clock-out issue in the Arborgold crew app, which occurred due to previous tracks on a job not being clocked out. This was addressed by ensuring that all previous tracks on the job are clocked out before completing the services. If any tracks are not clocked out, the user will be redirected to a screen where they can perform the clock-out for all the previous tracks.
  • Resolved the Internal Server Error related to Prepayment Usage by implementing a solution that involves rounding the Payment Amount column to four decimal places.
  • Resolved the Sales Tax rounding issue with invoices
  • Resolved the issue where the accuracy of location retrieval was compromised when utilizing the Move/Update Services function on Work Scheduler.
  • Resolved the issue where the Work Order preview was not consistently printing the correct data
  • Sliding scale pricing does not calculate to the services added through Program


  • Corrected an error that occurred when updating the message.
  • Resolved the issue where the Total Jobs and Selected Jobs were not resetting on the Edit Renewals listing screen when a Job was deactivated.
  • Resolved the issue where the communication option for jobs within the Job information screen was occasionally displaying "Statement" under Print
  • Enhanced the performance of the database query for the Equipment list under services with various statuses, addressing slow response times.
  • Improved the efficiency of the Batch Communication feature throughout the system.
  • Resolved the data issue where the system did not allow updating a service.
  • Resolved the data issue where users were facing difficulties in setting up individual communication
  • Fixed the data issue on the Payment Amount column that was causing an internal server error.