Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release_Version - 8.1.54

Release_Version - 8.1.54

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Summary of visits' tab where it was still showing without clocked-in employee resources
  • There was a glitch on the Service Add form within the Service Detail screen, where the Parent Service Item select list failed to populate under the service list.
  • The employee added for "Today Only" in the Arborgold Crew app persists in the crew for future dates as well.
  • Implemented the activity log to monitor price changes during Scheduling, Rescheduling, and Unscheduling of services.
  • Encountering issues with the print PO function, which is generating incorrect purchase orders.
  • Experiencing delays in executing the Price Change function for renewals.
  • The help article redirection for Pricing Method is not functioning as expected.
  • Work orders are not consistently printing, and when they do, they may contain inaccuracies regarding job details.
  • Receiving a "Please fill all the required fields" warning during login, despite all fields being filled.
  • The "Linked to District" column is not displaying any data on the Postal Code listing screen.
  • The Period name label fails to update when saved renewal criteria are applied under Renewals.
  • Activity logs have been added to track pricing changes within the Arborgold Crew, ensuring updates are recorded.


  • The slowdown in the database query for retrieving contact billing addresses for both parent and sub-customers under jobs has been addressed.
  • Eliminated unnecessary query loops to address data loading issues in the Job Information.
  • Implemented changes to enhance the addition, deletion, and update processes for all tags.
  • Removed several loops and optimized the Job listing for improved efficiency under the Arborgold Crew app.
  • Enhanced the database connection to ensure that the load time is reduced.
  • Enhanced the database connection so the Job information loads the data  correctly and efficiently when accessed
  • Transformed the ReAssignSlidingScales functionality for Renewals
  • Price change logs have been incorporated to monitor price adjustments during the scheduling, rescheduling, and unscheduling of services.
  • Transformed the SetExpenseMarginOnJobs function for Renewals
  • Transformed the RoundServicePrices function for Renewals
  • Resolved the problem where Invoice Tags, Service Tags, and Customer Tags were not loading under Filters on the Invoices Listing, Batch Invoice, and Contract Invoice listing screens.
  • The issue of item selections not resetting on the Generate Customer List screen when navigating to different screens and returning to the same screen has been addressed.
  • Resolved the error that occurred when adding or updating Vendor Information.
  • Resolved the problem related to saving unsaved changes on the customer information screen.
  • The General dropdown panel is not responsive for newly created customers on the customer info screen.
  • Resolved the issue on the Message Listing screen where, after deactivating an item, it continued to display one item as selected.
  • The date filters under the "Completed On" and "Appointment On" columns are not functioning correctly under the Messages screen.
  • The issue of item selections not resetting on the Message Listing screen when navigating to different screens and returning to the same screen has been addressed.
  • Improved the warning toaster message for deactivating a job site.
  • Eliminated the column filter and clear column filter functionalities on the Measuring Tool window specifically when opened from the Customer Tab to prevent confusion.