Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release Version_8.2.4

Release Version_8.2.4

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a situation where the system displayed an error instead of issuing a warning toaster notification regarding batch communication configuration when attempting to send batch email without setting up SendGrid.
  • The issue with the material unit cost displaying as the cost per 100 gallons instead of the cost per 1 gallon on the job has been resolved.
  • Resolved the issue where recurring services were defaulting to a 12-hour block of scheduled time when no Estimated time was provided and when scheduled from the recurring scheduler on the job.
  • Resolved the issue where the system was automatically adjusting prices for child services instead of adhering to the Parent's pricing method after being scheduled.
  • Fixed the issue where certain service prices were not displaying accurately on the proposal formats.
  • Resolved the issue where scheduling a standard service from the work scheduler screen would open up the 'project scheduler' instead of the usual 'Service schedule' pop-up.
  • Fixed the issue where service tags were not being applied to all selected services when using batch actions to list services on the job information screen.
  • Resolved the issue where duplicate materials were appearing under Service Resources in the Job information upon addition.
  • Resolved the issue where Jobsite tags were not displaying on the Job Site details screen.
  • Resolved the issue where Job tags were not displaying on the Job Site details screen.
  • Resolved the issue where when a new service was added from the "Add New" option on the Service Detail screen under Job info, the Work Order Details were incorrectly copied over to the new service.
  • Resolved the issue where updating an Employee's avatar in the Employee listing took an unexpected amount of time to update after the profile picture was uploaded.
  • Resolved the issue where the Service Pricing Method would change unexpectedly when adding a service to a job and hitting the Save button.
  • Resolved the issue where the Job Site Details screen did not display the address details when opened by double-clicking on addresses.


  • Resolved the issue where exporting to Excel was not functioning correctly in the Measuring Tool.

  • Fixed the problem where the resource rollup summary modal was not appearing under the Service resources listing.

  • Implemented an improvement to allow copying a Job with Service without encountering an error.

  • Corrected the functionality of the Classic Lawn Information Panel on the address detail screen.

  • Improved the naming convention of exported Excel files from the Invoice list to display as "Invoice List" instead of "Bach Invoice List".

  • Addressed the Date Filter issue on the Scheduling Assistant screen.

  • Fixed the Date and Distance Column filters on the Scheduling Assistant screen.

  • Enhanced the system to display a warning toaster message when adding start and end times without an appointment date, prompting the user to input an appointment date.
  • Implemented an improvement to enhance the loading speed of the Job costing screen.