Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release Version_8.2.3

Release Version_8.2.3

Bug Fixes:

  • The problem of deactivated employees appearing on the timesheet with tracked time has been resolved.
  • The problem with the incorrect appearance of the job total after scheduling has been resolved.
  • The problem where job tags appeared on the job listing screen but were not displaying on the job page has been resolved.


  • The problem with unsaved changes on Materials has been resolved.
  • The wording for the Mixture Rate required toaster has been corrected.
  • A new toaster message has been implemented within the Arborgold crew, triggered when users attempt to email customers whose Preferred Contact Type is designated as "print".
  • The problem with the Projects Tab under the Job Screen, where data wasn't loading, has been resolved.
  • The problem of Job Site Tags being incorrectly applied to all records on the Addresses tab, even when selecting a single record, has been resolved.
  • Improvements have been made to the Ad Source, Salesperson, Customer Type, Tax Level, Terms, and Class Dropdown fields, ensuring that newly added items are immediately reflected in the list without the continued display of "+Add new".