Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release Version_8.2.2

Release Version_8.2.2

Bug Fixes:

  • The problem where the Service Price continued to be calculated using the Sliding Scale pricing method, even after changing the Pricing Method to 'None', has been fixed.
  • The problem of users being unable to batch update preferred contact types in the utility has been resolved.
  • The problem has been addressed where service tags appeared in the columns on the work scheduler but were absent from the service details screen for that service under the job page.
  • The Save button doesn't switch to orange when trying to make changes within the Proposal Notes, Job Note, and Office Notes text boxes.
  • The problem has been resolved where there was no option to 'Take Picture using Camera' on the Android version of the Arborgold Crew app.


  • The problem where the Date filter was not functioning properly under Deactivated Payroll Items has been resolved.
  • The problem where the Date filter was not functioning correctly under the Activity Tab has been resolved.
  • The issue has been addressed where the Export to Excel function was not operational within the Deactivated Chart of Account List.
  • The issue related to the Column Grouping with "Proposal Last Printed On" in the Job screen has been rectified.
  • The problem has been resolved where the Invoices listing screen displayed incorrect options under Communication.
  • The issue causing the system to throw an internal server error when attempting to generate a Work Order for Completed Services has been resolved.
  • The inconsistency between the Log Type Dropdown and the Log Type on the Export List screen under Activity in settings has been resolved.
  • Enhanced the functionality of the Revert function on the Payroll Item detail screen.
  • Improved the Chemical Deletion function under Mixture.