Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release Version_8.2.12

Release Version_8.2.12 - 06/12/2024

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with the Load More button on WS where duplicate service records were being displayed in the unscheduled service listing.

  • Resolved the issue where users were unable to edit the phone number for an appointment using the appointment scheduler.

  • Resolved the issue where the Completed Date inline filter was not functioning correctly when those dates included times.

  • Resolved the issue with the stock details totals where the materials were not being calculated accurately, resulting in incorrect data being displayed.

  • Resolved the issue where 'plant' items added from the job screen were not appearing in the dropdown menu.

Notable Feature Enhancements

  • Add  Sales rep and Customer type columns on Batch Statement screen

    The "Sales Rep" and "Customer Type" columns on the Batch Statement screen enhance sales operations, financial management and business strategy.

  • Assign/Reassign Sliding Scale specifically to the Services on the Job:

    By updating the sliding scale for only the service at the Job level, businesses can optimize their pricing structures to meet the diverse needs of their customers and improve overall efficiency in service management.
    Sliding Scale 1

  • Assign/Reassign Sliding Scale to individual services on the job and the service default.

    If this option is selected, both the service(s) on the job and service defaults will be updated.
    Sliding Scale 1


  • Add the MS Word format stripper tool option for email templates

    The addition of the MS Word format stripper tool option for email templates allows users to easily remove any unwanted formatting from their email templates. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that emails appear correctly across different email clients and devices.


  • Improved the feature for handling unsaved modifications on the Message detail screen.
  • Improved the Excel export functionality for the Deactivated list to clearly label the exported file as the Deactivated list for better organization and identification purposes.
  • Improved the Service detail page within the Service listing to address and resolve any errors present.
  • Enhanced the functionality of the +Add New option for Account Terms within the Vendors Screen.
  • Implemented the Unsaved Changes module for managing unsaved modifications on the Message and Appointment detail screens.