Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release Version_8.2.10

Release Version_8.2.10 - 05/30/2024

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue on the communication screen in the ME app where the email communication window had small boxes in the email template and overlapping text.
  • Problem encountered when attempting to send emails while navigating between different Arborgold sites within the Mobile Estimator app.
  • Fixed the issue where Route screen was not showing the Office Location and Jobs under Work Scheduler.
  • Resolved the issue in the crew app where users encountered an error when attempting to use the "Auto Clock Out and complete all services" button.
  • Resolved the issue where the duration of services with a specified start and end time did not align with the estimated hours when scheduled
  • Resolved the issue with the advanced filtering options on the work scheduler.
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving multiple ACH reject notifications for successful transactions.
  • Resolved the problem with Invoice permissions that caused users to receive an error message when attempting to create an invoice due to permission issues.

Notable Feature Enhancements

  • Added the ability to assign default email as BCC Default under User Communication Settings: This new feature allows users to automatically include a specific email address in the BCC field when sending individual emails. By setting a BCC Default email, users can streamline their communication process and ensure that important correspondences are always copied to the designated email address for tracking and reference purposes. 


  • Enhanced the file size limit from 10 MB to 50 MB for improved file storage capabilities.
  • Improved the Selected Count to reset when we change the Filter Status on Task listing screen
  • Improved the process of creating vendors.
  • Improved the user interface for displaying employee details.
  • Enhanced the user interface notification for the file upload section.