Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release Version_8.1.63

Release Version_8.1.63

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue related to rounding errors with taxes on invoices.
  • Resolved the issue with the Time Stamp for Job Activities within the Activity tab.
  • Resolved the issue where the system allowed the creation of duplicate Materials with the same name when added through the service resource listing.
  • Resolved the issue where the pricing method was not being transferred to ongoing child services.
  • Enhanced the user interface of E-Invoice on Android devices for a better experience.
  • Resolved the issue where the Text Editor was not functioning properly for text boxes throughout the system.
  • Resolved the issue where the system was not allowing users to select all records for Generate customer list feature.


  • Enhanced the Service resource list to no longer display the +Add New option in the field after closing the Add New Equipment modal popup under Job screen.
  • Enhanced the Chart of Accounts list to fix issues with the Selected count and the Restore function that were not working correctly.
  • Included the Print tab and Move To Print options on the batch communication window when accessed through the Communicate Job Reminder feature.