Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Release_Dec 11, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023_Release Version - 8.1.52

Release Version_8.1.52

New Release: 

  • Job Costing Analytics
    • Find it under, Analytics > Job > Job Costing

               Job Costing Analytics is to help organizations optimize their resource management strategies, allocate resources effectively and drive overall Organizational success.

Click here to view its detailed documentation


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where the pricing method would reset to None when the resources were updated.
  • Service tags applied to recurring service types are not visible in the Work Scheduler
  • Resolved the problem where the system would retain the service-plant association count when using the Copy Job feature, even if the plants were deactivated in the initial job.
  • An additional check has been added to enable the Reverse Prepayment Refund action on the context menu for old records created before the introduction of the Reverse Prepayment Refund functionality in July 2023.
  • Applied the fix to reset the Estimated Visits value for the service when changing the service type, except for recurring and project types.
  • Resolved the problem where the Billing address was not visible on the Customer info screen or would result in an error when attempting to save it.
  • Implemented a solution to include the Job name when exporting Prepayments and Invoices to Quickbooks Online. The Job name will now be displayed in the MEMO section for prepayments and the MESSAGE ON STATEMENT section for invoices exported from Arborgold.
  • Addressed the problem where users encountered difficulty in selecting all customers and initiating communication under the Generate Customer List feature.
  • Resolved the issue of the system auto-assigning the 'App Type' as Turf to the materials upon entry. The Application Type will now be set to "Turf" by default only for the Mixture type.
  • Addressed the problem where the Filtered Label count would display an incorrect number when utilizing Filters on the CRM system.
  • Resolved the issue where invoice numbers were not being generated in the correct order.


  • Implemented an enhancement that retrieves the PI Recommendation description and sets it as the service description when the service is added through a Recommendation.
  • Added the PI Recommendation Description column for PI Recommendation listing on the Add Recommendations as Services listing screen
  • Improved the functionality of adding and updating tags on Tasks to ensure that the Tag list loads the tags correctly.
  • Enhanced the Customer list for batch communication to ensure that the data displayed is accurate when performing batch communication.
  • Improved the functionality of Single Communication to ensure that E-Proposals and E-Invoices are sent accurately and without any errors.
  • Improved the database query for Sub Customers to ensure that the display of information and the relationship between Parent and Sub Customers is accurate. 
  • Enhanced the database query for before and after service pictures, ensuring that service images are uploaded correctly.
  • Optimized auto-clockout and complete services fucntion for timetracks under Arborgold Crew app