Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Improvements - Sept 1, 2023 - Sept 8, 2023

Week 1 (Sept 1, 2023 - Sept 8, 2023)

Items resolved this week:

  • Encountering errors when attempting to perform batch email communication.
  • Have trouble printing Work Orders from the work scheduler
  • Printing work orders from the work scheduler is causing delays in loading the work order.
  • The invoice was exported to QuickBooks twice automatically.
  • The tags columns on the invoices screen do not display any data.
  • The Job automation Campaign is not adhering to the established order of templates.
  • Encountering an error message while attempting to delete site measurements saved on job sites.
  • Spelling error on the Sliding Scale screen.
  • The filters on the invoice listing do not function correctly
  • Experiencing problems with exporting payments to QuickBooks.
  • The Jobs list screen experiences delays in loading the Jobs.
  • The "Message For" dropdown menu on the message screen does not show employees as selectable options.
  • The invoice listing screen continues to display a spinning wheel and fails to load any data.
  • An error message, "Error saving Services," pops up on the Job screen when attempting to save jobs.
  • Customers have reported receiving multiple emails from
  • Encountering an error message whenever attempting to schedule recurring services.
  • The crew appears as clocked in for a different job when they should not be.
  • The crew is experiencing a delay when navigating to the Jobs tab and encountering a spinning wheel.
  • Activity Log for Message Creation is Not Available
  • Problems encountered when attempting to save messages with incorrect job site information.