Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Improvements - May 1, 2023 - May 5, 2023

Week 1 (May 1, 2023 - May 5, 2023)

Items resolved this week:

  • Job note prints differently on Work order between the quick scheduler and work order screen
  • Amounts on the work scheduler aren't showing correctly for some crews
  • The service pricing method does not save when switching the service type
  • Equipment resources do not save under Arborgold Crew
  • An issue with batch updating Resources on Work Scheduler
  • An issue with the default time track setting under Arborgold Crew
  • Message Description is not printing correctly as they are typed when printed
  • Error on Saving appointments on the Message screen
  • An issue with the "Update Jobsite Tags" button on the work scheduler
  • SMS Templates are sent with HTML Format Tags
  • The "Portal Request" dashboard widget opens the old Message screen
  • E-proposal is sent using a different format than selected while communicating
  • Customers receiving incorrect invoices when Invoiced and communicated from the batch invoice screen
  • An issue with printing Invoices under Arborgold Crew
  • Skip Reschedule not working correctly under Arborgold Crew
  • Printing work orders from the work scheduler omits new lines in the service description
  • Job Costing changes not updating
  • The job screen does not load the data sometimes or needs to refresh to make it load
  • Automated Proposal Follow Ups are not sending
  • Error messages when using the restore message function
  • RTI services don't show up under the Jobs Ready to Invoice dashboard widget
  • The invoice format does not show Secondary Sales Tax when printing 
  • An issue with Web Leads form
  • Error in printing statements
  • Equipment is not staying deleted
  • Proposal formats are not printing sales tax
  • Invoices appear blank or don't open when sent through the batch Invoice screen
  • Service scheduled from the quick scheduler and group scheduler not putting in the correct hours
  • Slowness sporadically throughout the system
  • Crew Can't Clock In under Mobile Crew 3