Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Improvements - July 10, 2023 - July 14, 2023

Week 2 (July 10, 2023 - July 14, 2023)

Items resolved this week:

  • Unable to select all customers when generating a customer list.
  • An issue with sending job reminders.
  • Job reminder emails are adding "item1" before the merge field for the service.
  • Issues with receiving Proposal Acceptance Emails
  • Appointment creation occasionally encounters a 400 error.
  • HTML tags are appearing on the hover window for services in the work scheduler.
  • Displaying incorrect recurring service visits.
  • An issue with deactivated employees appearing in future work.
  • Issue encountered when attempting to save Equipment and Material under job costing. 
  • The Work Order Notes box appears empty, even if there are notes for Jobs in the Arborgold Crew app.
  • An issue with services not appearing in the Arborgold Crew app.
  • There is an issue with the accurate saving of hours when inputting them under Job Costing.
  • A problem was encountered when attempting to add new plant items from the service detail screen.
  • Appointment automation templates do not automatically include the scheduled date and start time.
  • Error encountered when entering zip code during CP login.