Arborgold Monthly Improvements

Arborgold Weekly Improvements - August 1, 2023 - August 5, 2023

Week 1 (August 1, 2023 - August 5, 2023)

Items resolved this week:

  • An issue with Appointment Routing in Mobile Estimator.
  • A problem was encountered when entering Custom Measure & Plant Inventory.
  • The subtotal on the job is slightly incorrect by a few cents.
  • Sorting issue with the Accepted date column on the work scheduler
  • Encountering an error when attempting to access the list of Deactivated Jobs.
  • Deactivated jobs are not visible in the list of jobs that can be restored.
  • The system does not display any activity log for the Confirmation SMS that is sent to customers for accepted jobs.
  • Customers are receiving incorrect appointment reminders via SMS.
  • Encountering Errors when exporting Payments to QBO due to mismatched Transaction Types.
  • An issue with crew members being able to clock in and out of jobs.
  • Encountering an error when trying to save services.
  • Customers are experiencing difficulty adding service descriptions and work order notes through the mobile estimator app.
  • issue with syncing Appointment Calendar with Google Calendar.
  • When messages are opened, the subject field does not display the subject of the messages.
  • The customer's accounts receivable do not show the credit card payment.
  • Customers experienced duplicate charges on AG Payments.
  • Job Updated to Complete with Schedule Service Lines on them.
  • Move the Message To/From field in the top right corner of the message detail screen.
  • The double-sided arrow is not visible, which causes difficulty in viewing all the tags on Work Scheduler.
  • An issue with changing crews for recurring services.
  • An issue with the "Update Preferred Contact Type" Utility
  • Crew members are experiencing automatic clock-outs from jobs.
  • Encounter an error when attempting to create a purchase order (PO).
  • To eliminate the Credit Card company logo from the Credit Card Form.
  • The proposal Last Printed By column does not show data under the Job Listing
  • Users are experiencing issues with the Mobile Estimator app crashing and logging out unexpectedly.
  • Appointment automation emails are not able to retrieve the data for the merge fields.
  • Unable to input the date of equipment purchase.
  • Customers are experiencing difficulties when attempting to register for a Customer Portal account.
  • An issue where the job costs for services that have been completed or invoiced do not add up correctly.
  • Encountering an "Internal server error" message when accessing the Email settings on the Mobile Estimator (ME) app.