Arborgold Monthly Feature Additions

Arborgold Monthly Feature Additions | June

Prepayment Refund: 

With this feature, users can now effortlessly process prepayment refunds for any excess prepayment balance that a customer may have. Whether a customer has overpaid for a service or has canceled a job before it was completed, the Prepayment Refund feature allows you to efficiently return the unused prepay amount back to the customer's account. This functionality ensures that the customer's accounts receivable (AR) is kept up to date.

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2-step method for Unsubscribed emails

We have implemented a new feature for the Unsubscribe email process, which now involves a two-step method. When your customers click on the unsubscribe button in the emails they receive from you, they will be directed to a new screen. On this screen, they will need to enter their email address and then click on the unsubscribe button to successfully remove their email from your emailing list.

This two-step method adds an extra layer of protection against accidental unsubscribes. By requiring customers to confirm their decision to unsubscribe, it reduces the chances of them mistakenly removing themselves from your mailing list. This enhancement ensures that your client base remains intact and that your communication with them remains uninterrupted.

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Reminder to update Send Batch Invoices when Email is updated:

A pop-up reminder will appear whenever you update the Primary or Secondary Email address, prompting you to also update the Send Batch Invoices to this Email. This helpful reminder ensures that all necessary email addresses are kept up to date and invoices are sent to the correct recipients. By clicking on the reminder, you can easily update the Send Batch Invoices email field without any hassle. 

Increase the Job Notes field size by 1" on Arborgold Crew:

In response to user feedback, we have made an enhancement to the Job Notes field on Arborgold Crew. The field size has been increased by 1", allowing you to add more detailed information and notes for each job. This improvement ensures that you have ample space to record comprehensive information about the job requirements, client preferences, special instructions, and any other relevant details that need to be communicated to your crew members.

Additional columns for primary and secondary email addresses on the job listing screen:

With the new columns for primary and secondary email addresses on the job listing screen, you can conveniently update and track email contacts without having to navigate to individual job profiles. This streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional service to your clients.

Add a "Service Category" column to the plant recommendations screen:

We have introduced a new enhancement to the plant recommendations screen by adding a "Service Category" column. By having this additional column, you can quickly identify which plants require similar services and efficiently plan and allocate resources accordingly.

Company Utilities Improvements:-

Update Preferred Contact Type:

This company utility allows you to change all customers' preferred contact type from anything (email, print, or both) currently set on them to the selected type.
The "Exclude Prefer Both" option excludes customers that have "Both" set as their preferred contact type on their profile. Selecting the "All" option will update all customers with the selected preferred contact type.
Note: Customers with no email address will not be updated to "Email" or "Both".

Appt Automation Reminders:

This utility allows you to include all customers in automated appointment reminders by enabling the "Receive Appt Automation Reminders" toggle on the customer's profile. Note: Customers with no email address will not be updated.

Proposal Automation Follow-Ups:

This utility allows you to include all customers in automated job follow-ups by enabling the "Receive Proposal Automation Follow-Ups" toggle on the customer's profile. Note: Customers with no email address will not be updated.

Update "SMS & Voice Broadcast" Number:

The utility allows the user to update the "SMS & Voice Broadcast" number for the customers based on the selected phone type.
The 'Not Set' option updates only the customers who don't have an SMS & Voice Broadcast number set on their profile, and 'All' updates for all customers.

Batch Actions on CRM Listing:-

Update Account Terms:

The batch action "Update Account Terms" on the CRM listing allows you to select the customers from the list and quickly change their Account Terms from anything to the one you would select.

With the help of the Account Terms column that is available on the CRM screen, you can see the different account terms set to different customers and quickly change that without navigating to the customer's account individually.

Update Tax Level:

The "Update Tax Level" batch function allows the users to change the current tax level set to the customer file to the one that is selected from the CRM listing screen.

Again, the Tax Level column helps to see the currently set tax level on the customer's profile.

Web Form Reports UI Enhancement:

You can now access Work Order Reports such as E Proposal Review, E Proposals Needing Job Accepted, and Unscheduled Work Order without needing to use the Classic View. This enhancement provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, making it easier for you to navigate through your report filters.