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Arborgold Integration with LandscapeHub

Arborgold Integration with LandscapeHub LandscapeHub Integration Caleb

The LandscapeHub integration allows Arborgold Software users to link to have accurate pricing for fast and accurate quotes.


Estimating Material

Updating Arborgold with Pricing

LandscapeHub Setup

To set up the LandscapeHub integration, you will first need to go to Settings -> Integrations -> LandscapeHub.

Enter your company information on the setup screen

Estimating Material

Go to a job and select the small dropdown area to the right of the service.

You can then select LandscapeHub as a Preferred Vendor and add materials to the job for estimating.

Sending Estimate to LandscapeHub

You can create a request for pricing by exporting the material to LandscapeHub.

Go to Action -> Export Material List -> Export.

Finally, go to the SCM -> Material Lists and click Open

Updating Arborgold with Pricing

Once the pricing has been determined in LandscapeHub, you can then update Arborgold with the associated expenses for the material by clicking Update Source.

The unit costs will be updated on the job for accurate costs.

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