Supply Chain Management

Material Set Up for Supply Chain Management

In this video we will show you how to add a material and make sure it shows up in your supply chain management module - Jerry Jerome


Today we're going to talk about connecting your material to your supply chain management. 

First, we're going to come in here to our material list and go ahead and select one of our materials that we're going to be connecting to the inventory. Want to make sure that we've got and remember what the unit of measurement is. And then we also want to make sure that this box right here “Non-inventory” is not checked if you want to track it. What this does is that if you were to select this box, it will remove it from QuickBooks integration and from the supply chain management inventory stock screen, okay. So if you plan on tracking this information and the usage for this product, you want to make sure this box is not checked. 

All right, we're going to move over to reorder details on this product. Now, the reorder details is the number that you're going to set based on completed, completed, scheduled, and then completed, scheduled, pending, numbers. So, if I have 50 of this product indicating it's completed, I'm going to get a notification in my inventory screen that I need to reorder more. 

We're actually going to change this a little bit. I'm going to change this to 100 pounds and the next level is going to be a combination of completed and scheduled work.
So let's just say 250, then the last item here is going to be completed, scheduled, and then pending. So, the pending is going to be referring to jobs that have been approved but have not been scheduled. That's what this pending means. So, I want that level to be a little bit higher. So, I'm going to go all the way up to 500 for this one.  This top line here “Default amount received”,
this does not link to anywhere within the system. It doesn't link to the inventory stock screen and, or have anything to do with reorder levels. This is just more of a reference for you if you wanted to enter in an amount that you have received as a default as you're starting inventory level. But again, this does not link back to your inventory stock screen. 

So now that we've got our reorder levels set.  We can go and see our stock details screen if we wanted to and this is going to show us you know how much the product is currently stocked, how much is currently completed, how much is actually scheduled to be done and then how many pounds of this product is actually pending. So again, pending is referring to work that has been approved but not yet scheduled, go back to reorder, and back to our information screen. 

Again, those numbers are being based off the unit of measurement for this product.