Supply Chain Management

Adding a New Vendor

Adding a New Vendor - This article explains how to add a new vendor in the the supply chain management module - Jerry Jerome


OK, we're going to go over how to create a vendor within your supply chain management feature within Arborgold. 

First thing we're going to do, we're going to come over here to the left-hand side of the navigation screen, Scroll down to SCM, go over to Vendor, and click Add New.  This is where we're going to start entering the information that we need to put in regarding this new vendor of ours. 

Unique name here as our contact person, for our vendor. As you can see here it has got that red (*) so this has to be in there in order to save this information. I'm going to call them Stone City as a boulder and gravel supplier. Company name, we're not going to put anything in there because it is the same name that I have here as a vendor. 

You will occasionally run into situations where the vendor name might be different from the company itself. Let's say they have a parent company or it's a DBA. Possibly you want to track that other company name that the vendor is actually underneath. That's how you would do that. 

Here's the e-mail address so you would enter this company. You can enter more than just one as you can see here by the sample, and you can track additional emails over here on this other line address if you want to import that. At the very minimum, I'm going to go ahead and enter in the zip code. It'll track the city and the state for me. This is where I would enter the type of phone number that I'm going to be entering. Enter that number right here.

And account terms, again, you see this red (*) that is another required piece of information in order to save this vendor. I'm going to set their terms as a net 30. That's what I need to pay them by, and any discounts that might be associated with this vendor that I get by purchasing through them, go ahead and hit save. Now everything's been saved.

Now you might be asking yourself, Jerry, where do I put the tax level that I need to pay when I make purchases from this vendor? Don't worry, the tax is something that you're going to enter in as you create a purchase order for this vendor. So that's something we don't need to worry about covering now, we'll worry about that in another video. 

But now everything has been entered in for this new vendor, any order rates which would be assigned to. Any material that you purchased through them, purchase orders that you historically create for them, and any files that you need to save in regards to this vendor. Any purchase agreements you might have. And then here's the AP tracking for this vendor, the POS, and everything, and then your activity log so you can track down if something was done incorrectly. You can track it down here and see what was done and who did it and when it was done.  And that's how you enter a new vendor.