Sales YOY Analytics

Detailed document about Sales Year-Over-Year Analytics for better usage.

Sales YOY Analytics dashboard is helpful to analyze and understand the Company's sales by year and to compare sales (Previous vs Current).

Your historical sales data is now at your access, you can analyze and understand your sales revenue and gross profit over time. Company’s past and current sales figures are compiled for you to strategize the business growth.

Provides a view and access to your sales history, so you can identify trends and patterns. You can gain a better view of what tactics are working and how you can further improve your figures in the future.

Sales YOY Analytics is designed to present below KPIs and Insights



Yearly view Revenue

Metrics to understand Total Revenue generated per Year, You can also compare Previous vs Current Years Total Revenue

Monthly view Revenue per Year

Track Total Revenue earned per month by Year. You can also compare Total Revenue Previous vs Current Month

Yearly view Gross Profit

Understand Total Gross Profit generated per Year.You can also compare Gross profit Previous vs Current Year.

When you add filters by choosing one or more City or Districts, you can measure the performance of the same by looking at the Profit. you can measure the yearly performance.

Monthly view Gross Profit per Year

Helps you understand Gross Profit earned by Month Per Year.You can also compare Gross profit Previous vs Current Month of different years.

Jobs Accepted by Year

Understand Total Jobs Accepted for current vs previous years.

Jobs Declined by Year

Understand Total Jobs Declined for this current vs previous year.

Monthly view Jobs Total Proposed vs Accepted vs Declined per Year

To analyze Total Proposals vs Accepted vs Declined by month per year.

Sales Metrics by Job Status per Year

To analyze and understand Yearly Revenue, Gross Profit,

Cost based on Job Status and also you can compare all to your previous year sales

Sales by Service Category per Year

To analyze and understand Yearly Revenue, Gross Profit, Cost at Service Category Level and also you can compare to your previous year sales


Revenue = SUM(Price) considered.

Gross Profit = SUM(Price) - SUM(Cost)

Price = If Actual Price is not set for the service then Estimated Price is considered.

Here are the business constraints that are applied.

  • All the Metrics are calculated for the applied date range filter.

  • Not considered the Jobs that are under Job status `Generated`

  • Considered only active Jobs

  • Considered only active Services


Filters are a key part of any dashboard helps to provide answers in an organized and structured way, by enabling users to apply a set of values and narrow the results.

Using filers in Sales YOY Analytics, you can analyze various details:

Service Category →  Service → Job Status →  Service Status →  Salesperson →  District

Importance of having Sales YOY

  • It paints a complete picture of whether your company is coming up short or is meeting or beating the previous year's performance.
  • Your year-over-year calculations can help you measure your business’s performance. You can see if your business is growing from year to year. The Year Over Year growth rate smooths out any monthly volatility. Instead of seeing large increases and decreases between seasonal months, you can compare your current business numbers to the same time last year.
  • It provides you with more accurate information for monthly revenue growth, especially with products or services that are seasonal. It provides you with an important measurement of how your business performs. It helps you to see how your business financial performance changes over time.
  • It Helps you spot errors, similar to using a comparative income statement, doing a year-over-year analysis might help you find errors and discrepancies in your books.
  • If there are big increases or decreases from last year, you might have incorrectly recorded something. Examining several time periods year-over-year can help you narrow down when you may have made the error.