Sales Overview Analytics

You can understand about Sales Overview Analytics

Sales Overview Analytics is helpful to analyze and understand the Company's Sales and lets you see sales in multiple dimensions. You can get a complete 360° overview of sales information having real-time data overview.

We have listed the most critical KPIs for sales that will enable you to manage your sales more effectively and optimize as well as analyze the sales process in detail.

Sales Overview Analytics is designed to present below KPIs and Insights



Total Revenue

Metric to understand Total Revenue generated for the selected date range and base period.

Job(s) Accepted

This Metric lets you know how many Total Job(s) are Accepted for the selected date range and base period.

Sales Over Time

Metric to understand the ongoing revenue progress for the selected date period. Total Sales frequency is by Week/Month/Year based on the selected date range and base period.

Top 5 Ad-source by Sales

Understand the best Ad-source that your customers have come to know about your company. Helps to optimize the marketing channel type and cost.

Top 5 Service Category by Sales

Understand the Service Category offered most. Helps to plan and manage equipment, material and employees.

Top 5 Cities by Sales

Metrics to understand the sales come from different cities. What are the cities that are having high sales and low sales? you can investigate why the sales are high or low, it is helpful to align the sales plan over geography location based on your goal.

Top 5 District by Sales

Metrics that provide sales figures by Districts. You can investigate why the sales are high or low, it is helpful to align the sales plan over geography location based on your goal.

Top 5 Customer by Sales

Insight to understand your Top 5 Customers Based on Total Revenue. Helps you to figure out whether to up-sell and cross sell

Top 5 Services by Sales

Understand about offered service(s) that contributed most to company sales.

Whether you’re a sales executive or manager, salesperson, Sales Overview Analytics gives you insights for sales and takes a full picture of your sales operations quickly without losing any valuable information.

Calculated Fields

Revenue = SUM(Price) considered.

Gross Profit = SUM(Price) - SUM(Cost)


Price = If Actual Price is not set for the service then Estimated Price is considered.

Here are the business constraints that are applied.

  • All the Metrics are calculated for the applied date range filter.

  • We don’t consider the Jobs that are under Job status `Generated`

  • We consider only active Jobs

  • We consider Services that are either under status `Completed` or `Invoiced`

  • We consider only active Services


Advanced filters provide the ability to drill down, slice & dice and filter the dashboard to view the different insights.

Here are the filters using which you can analyze your operational sales information,

Service Category →  Service → Job Status → Service Status → Sales person → District

Importance of having Sales Overview

  • Better understanding of overall performance: Knowing how the entire company is performing helps the sales department plan initiatives for training, growth, and new sales tactics. Decisions made at the top will make more sense when everyone can see the hard data behind them. It creates a more cohesive work environment where trust is based on the numbers, not someone’s gut instincts.

  • Improved sharing of data between departments: With a sales dashboard, your teams will no longer have to reach out to each other and ask for data. The marketing team always has access to the most up-to-date sales numbers, meaning there’s less need for back-and-forth emails and requests for information.

  • Save massive amounts of time and labor: Needless to say, manually compiling all of your sales data would be an exhaustive task. Using a dashboard to handle the work frees up hours of labor, letting executives better allocate resources to where they’re most effective. They can also trust that the data is accurate and up-to-date, so they’ll know that everyone is working with the best possible information.