This feature prevents you from accidently forgetting to assign unit prices when adding material resources to services on jobs. This scenario can happen if you forget to set a unit price on your materials or if you are using material items directly from your SiteOne PriceBook catalog. When this feature is enabled if you add a material resource to a service on a job and the unit price is $0.00 it will calculate the unit price as Unit Cost + (Unit Cost x Markup%). This prevents you from accidently leaving your unit prices blank when adding material items. If you already have a unit price assigned to the material item then this calculation will be ignored and your unit price will be used. This feature must be toggled on with a markup % set for it to work.

How to enable the feature

Click the gear located in the top right of your screen and select Settings

Select Job

Enable the toggle and set a Markup % value

Feature in action

In my example I will be working with a Blue Flag Iris material item that has a unit cost of $100.00 but no unit price assigned.

Now when I add this material resource to a service the unit price is automatically set to

Unit Cost + (Unit Cost x Markup%)

$100.00 + ($100.00 * .10) = $110.00

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