8.1 Release Documentation

New Outlook Integration

Arborgold now offers Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration which would allow companies to integrate their Arborgold's Appointment and Work Schedulers with the Outlook Calendar outside of Arborgold.

Users would just want to navigate to Setting >> Integrations >> Calendar Setup and choose Microsoft option.

Step 1: 

The first step is to enter Microsoft Account email address and click on Connect Account button. You would be presented an authorization confirmation window where you could be asked to login and confirm to authorize the login access.

Once confirmed, you would be connected with your outlook account and good to use integration.

Step 2:

The Second step is to set up your Employee and Crew Sub-calendars under your Outlook Calendar to sync with yoru Arborgold's Employee and Crew Profile.

To create Sub Calendar under Outlook Calendar

Click on Add Calendar button on the left side >> Go to Create Blank Calendar >> Type in your Employee or Crew name (Try to match it with how you have it saved under Arborgold)

Once you have Sub Calendars created under your Outlook Calendar, you would want to go to your Employee or Crew (depending on the calendar you want to set for) under yoru Arborgold and choose the calendar name that appears under Calendar Integration section on Employee or Crew detail screen then Save the screen.