❄Snow Guide 2022❄

❄Snow Guide 2022❄ How to use Arborgold Crew Routes Elizabeth Ogle

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Creating Snow Routes with Arborgold Crew Routes

Arborgold Snow Management Checklist

Ask yourself if you've set up the following things in your database before you begin routing and assigning work!


  1. Establish Snow Crews (Matching the route name is recommended)

  2. Add the employee/s who will be handling the route

  3. Enable them in User Settings > Preferences, Ensure they are on the “Selected” Crews Side

  4. Ensure you have them turned on in the Work Scheduler filter


  1. Create a list of the snow services you offer

  2. Set these to ongoing indefinite

  3. Decide on your pricing model

    • Time & Material (by resource charge or service charge)

    • Sliding Scales by Square Footage

    • Service Rate by Quantity (less common)

  4. Group Services into a Program


  1. Establish Landscape Measurements

    • Driveway, Walkways, Parking Lot, Etc

  2. Set a Landscape Measurement for the Client


  1. Establish your routes by geographical location

  2. Set any default services to the route, if applicable (ex: salting is always done by this crew)

  3. Default any crew to a route, if applicable

How to Set Up a Snow Crew

Make sure you have your filter turned on on your work scheduler as well!

Give Your Snow Crew Access

Establishing a Snow Route

How to Set Up an Ongoing Indefinite Service

How to get Ice Melt to Auto-Calculate

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