Any client using Arborgold Cloud should have these minimum requirements:

Browser & Internet Requirements

+ Chrome

+ Firefox

+ We do not support Safari or Internet Explorer - Edge

Chrome does not support Windows XP or Vista 9.0.2623.112 are not guaranteed to work on computers running XP or Vista. All version of Chrome after 49.0.2623.112 are not guaranteed to work on computers running XP or Vista. It also looks like most of the other major browsers are pulling support for XP and Vista as well.

Recommended Minimum Internet Speed:

Assuming you have 2-4 people using the internet in your office at a given time, we would suggest having the following speeds in order to enjoy a reasonable page load time with Arborgold.

+ Download Speed: 10 mbps

+ Upload Speed: 5 mbps

Please use a Speed Test like this one to determine what speeds you are currently receiving from your ISP (Internet Service Provider like Comcast, Bell, or AT&T). If you do not make the minimum contact them directly to upgrade or request a packet loss test if you believe your internet should be faster.

System Requirements

+ Windows 7 or higher

+ MAC OS X v11 or higher

+ At least 4GBs RAM and at least a 2.0 Ghz quad core processor

+ For Windows users: Adobe Reader 11.0 or higher is required for printing forms (this is a free download

+ 1440 x 900 screen resolution or higher

QuickBooks Online & Desktop

+ We do not support Quickbooks Desktop for Mac

+ You must have at least Quickbooks 2012 or later for us to be able to connect your account to the Web Connector.

+ We discourage the use of terminal server hosting for company files due to security settings that are often established by the hosting company. In other instances, the Quick Books Web Connector may encounter problems resulting from multiple company files (when the server is not dedicated) or a block on the CP3T troubleshooting program provided by Quick Books to resolve technical concerns.

Should this occur, Arborgold will defer to Intuit's support to resolve the technical concern with their software.

Mobile Accounts Minimum System Requirements:

Android - Currently Mobile Estimator 7 will be compatible with any tablet 2017 or later. We have observed that many off-brand tablets generally function at lower speeds and capabilities. Feel free to call us for specific recommendations.

iOS - We develop and test our two mobile apps on iOS. Please be sure that your iPad is 2nd generation or higher with a minimum of 512 MB of RAM. It should be updated to at least iOS 9.5.

Arborgold Cloud is accessed through your web browser and requires no special software or download in order to use. For the best user experience, we recommend you conform to the following guidelines:

Web Browser: up to date version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Arborgold Cloud does not support Internet Explorer.
Internet Connection: Arborgold Cloud is a web-based service and requires an internet connection that is always on. For the best user experience, your connection speeds should be 5.0mbp/s (download) and 2.0mbp/s (upload) or better.

Hardware: widescreen monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Arborgold Cloud was not optimized for touch-screen devices.
Read more about our Mobile Apps online to find out how you can stay connected while in the field and on the road. Our Mobile Estimator and Mobile Crew apps are now available for iOS and Android devices.

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