There are multiple Mobile Crew enhancements to improve the experience of the application.

Confirm Service Resources Updates

The confirm service resources screen has an updated display which collapses the resource in an accordion view.

The confirm service resources popup is now displayed by default with a collapsed view.

A user can click on the expand button to view all the resources for the services.

Task Checklist “Select All” Update

This user can select all on the tasks checklist when completing the Job.

Choosing this will allow a user to select all the checklist items at once, instead of individually.

Select All is at the very top of the checklist when completing a job and this feature has been made to reduce the number of clicks required when clocking out of a job.

Set Time Tracking Type Updates

This feature enhancement changes the location of Track Exact Time and Distribute Time options within the top right hand action menu.

The user can still adjust the setting from within this screen but the feature has been moved to the menu options when adjusting the time tracking type.

Time Tracking type selected is denoted with a checkbox next to the active Time Tracking type.

Collapse/Expand Service Time Track Updates

This feature will give the user the option to collapse or expand the time tracks on the Review Time and Complete Screen.

The Collapse/Expand Tracks button in the top right action menu will allow the user to expand or collapse all the tracks at once instead of individually.

  • Expand Tracks will show all tracks with each service start and end time in detail.

  • Collapse Tracks will show each track with total time without service details.

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