Caller ID provides a physical device that can be connected to your phone system.

When this has been integrated, it will collect any data provided by your client's carrier (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc) and log the caller phone number, date, and time in Arborgold.

This feature reduces the amount of data entry for your office staff and allows your team to spend less time on the phone.

Getting Started

The integrated Caller ID options in Arborgold are powered by Caller ID hardware sold by Call 800-240-4637 or visit their website at to learn more about their services, and for help choosing, ordering, and configuring the Caller ID hardware appropriate to your office network.

CallerID requires software to be installed called El Popup. This software is required to activate the Caller ID features of Arborgold and can be downloaded here:

After installing El Popup, please also verify which model of the CallerID hardware you're using at your office. CallerID markets an ethernet model that connects directly to your router, and a USB-converter model that connects to one of your computers. If you are using the USB-converter model you should contact the CallerID vendor and ask their support team to help set up the El Popup software to work with the USB-converter model.

Once your CallerID box has been connected in your office and configured by support, reach out to us by phone using 812-269-8402 or chat into our help center, – the Caller ID features of Cloud can be activated in a few minutes by phone after your hardware is up and running.

User Preferences

Each user can control whether to display or hide incoming call information under their User Preferences in the User Settings menu.

Show Caller ID Information” should be checked to display incoming call data, but can be unchecked if you do not wish to see these notifications.

In order to begin processing phone numbers, you must first click on the phone notification as it comes in. After clicking on the number, a grid will appear that shows all the numbers that are either matched with a customer, not matched with a customer, and completed, or deleted.

Numbers that are matched with existing customers appear in blue. Numbers that do not match any existing customers appear in black. All the numbers that are processed or completed will show up in red.

If you would like to process a number that has not yet been matched with a customer, simply click on it and the user will be transitioned to the Customer screen. Here, you may enter all of the information of the given caller.

If the number that you click on is related to a customer in your database, the user will be transitioned to the Phone Center screen. The customer’s information will automatically populate and from here, you can enter the phone message.

Once you have processed all of the information needed, you may go back to the grid and either select the Check Mark or Trash icons.

The Check Mark icon allows you to mark the call as processed, but does not remove it from the list.

The Trash icon allows you to delete the number from the list. You can either do this individually for each number or ctrl + selecting each number to delete or mark processed multiple numbers.

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