A customer can have any number of sub contacts. One purpose for sub contacts is to give you the ability to have a different tax level for the invoice(s) generated from a job, than the tax associated with the primary customer on the Customer Information screen.

The following are some of the primary reasons you may require Sub Contact(s) for a Customer:

  • A different Tax Level needs to be associated with the Invoice than the Tax level associated with the Parent Customer (see this video example)

  • Separate Billing Address is required on the Invoice than the Parent Customer. Note: You will need to have your Invoices modified to reflect this as well as your Statements.

  • Managing large multi Commercial Customers (i.e Municipals, Corporations)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Different Tax Level needs to be associated with the Invoice than the Tax level associated with the Parent Customer

You've a customer that has properties in both Indiana and Illinois. Therefore, different Sales Tax is applicable depending on the Job Site.

Separate Billing Address is required on the Invoice than the Parent Customer

For a specific customer you require sending the Invoices to an address different than the primary Customer's Address. This address may be the Job Site address or another address entirely.

Managing large multi Commercial Customers

Within your city you may perform Lawn services for all the McDonald's. Instead of creating separate customers for each of the locations you could create a Customer called McDonald's that has X number of sub contacts. Note: In this case you would still be required to create a different Job Sites for each of the locations.


In the future we plan on giving powerful emailing capabilities for Marketing (For example, sub contact’s associated with the job may receive follow up marketing not just the email associated with the parent customer, which is why the “Set As Billing Address” is required).

Sub Contacts can also be used simply to manage different points of contact for any customer. It's reasonable to assume that a Customer may have multiple points of contact (Note: This is most common for Commercial clients).

Q: What if I want the Tax Level to be associated with the Job Site?

A: On the Sub Contact Add/Edit popup you can associate a Sub Contact with a job site. Then whenever you select/change the Job Site on the job information screen it will automatically set/select the sub contact, which in turn associates the sub contact with the job. Indirectly, this solves the use case for Job Site’s having their own/different Tax Level than the parent contact.

Q: Will the Sub Contact show up on my invoices and statements?

A: Whenever invoicing (irregardless of batch, contract or single), if the sub contact is associated with the job and the “Set As Billing Address” is checked the sub contact and the parent contact will be associated with the invoice. However, your Proposal format would need to be programmatically changed to reflect this. For example, maybe you want both the Parent and the Sub Contact to show up on the invoice. We will ensure to modify our Stock Invoice, Statement formats and E-Invoice to take into account the Sub Contacts, but your custom formats will need to be modified.

Q: Who will receive the invoice when sending in Batch?

A: This is dependent upon the Email settings for the Sub Contact. Whenever sending batch invoices we’ll first check to see if there is a sub contact associated with the invoice. If the Sub Contact has “Send Batch Invoices to this Email” checked then the email(s) provided for the Sub Contact (Primary or Other) will be sent either a To or CC (depending on what’s checked). If the Parent Primary and Parent Other are NOT checked then the parent contact will NOT be sent an email. Note: If the “Send Batch Invoices to this Email” is checked for the primary contact then it’s considered the Parent Primary Email. Thus the parent contact Primary Email will not receive the emailed invoice.

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