This feature allows your team to see the time tracked per service in a job. This will enable production managers the ability to easily access the service time that is clocked by an employee for a specific visit.

Your team can see how much time was spent towards each service within a job as well as the cost in labor for that visit.

Viewing Service Job Time Tracks

Click on “Timesheet” in Arborgold’s Menu

This will then display all the time tracks completed recently by your employees.

The timesheet for your crew will be available on the next screen.

Arborgold Timesheet grouped by Employee

The time tracks associated with a Job Name in the second column will have additional information that you can view. This connection to the job will now allow you to view the time spent per service easily visible by right-clicking on the Time track.

Service Job Time Track View

Right-click on the time track and select “Service Time”

This will show the service time clocked in by employees on each job.

In the screenshot above, time tracks are visible per employee and per service.

Job Costing Hours and Totals

Job Costing - Summary of Service Hours and Expenses

This shows the total hours, total cost, number of services, and number of employees summarized for this job time track. This is calculated based on the information provided for employee hourly wage and expenses.

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