This feature enables a user to deactivate plant inventory in batch on a customer's job site address. In turn, your team will be able to quickly remove or restore plants for a customer within the CRM of Arborgold.

In case there is old plant inventory on the property, it will allow your team to quickly update the Jobsite available plant inventory.

Note: this option is only present within the Addresses tab on the customer's main profile in the CRM, not on the jobsite address edit page on a job.

Previously, a user would have to deactivate plants one by one, but now you can select multiple plants and deactivate them all at once.

Deactivating Plants in Batch from Addresses screen

This option is only available in the customer's “Plant’s on Property” addresses screen.

First access the customer's CRM page and click on the “Addresses” tab.

Once clicking onto the proper address, you will then need to click on the “Plant Inventory” tab.

This screen will now show all the plant inventory on the customer's job site.

Select multiple Plant Inventories from the list. Click Action -> Deactivate from the dropdown list.

After clicking on Deactivate on the dropdown menu, a note is required to deactivate the plants. This will stay on file for your team to understand why plant inventory was deactivated if they need to look into this in the future.

Select Deactivate after typing a note.

Restoring Plant Inventory

Restore Plants

In the top right corner, click on the tree small dots then “Restore Plants” option to access the restore plants dashboard.

Deactivated Plants on Property

This shows all the deactivated plants on the jobsite and the deactivated comment to the right.

Restoring Plants

Right-click on the line item and click “Restore” in order to restore the plant inventory.

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