There are a couple ways to create a bill in Arborgold's Supply Chain Management Module

  1. Going to the Purchase order Screen and creating a bill from a purchase order. You can click the SCM tab on the left, go to your purchase order listing and select Action -> Create Bill from a purchase order. You will only be able to create a bill from an Accepted Purchase Order without any extra steps however if you try and create a bill from a pending Purchase Order it will ask if you want to accept it and you can from that point on and create a bill

2. You can create a bill by going to the SCM -> Accounts Payable -> Bills listing and then select the enter bill tab

3. You can select the SCM tab on the left and go to Accounts Payable -> + Add Bill

Editing the bill gives you some options:

If the bill was created from the + Add Bill option, you will blank info on the left side:

Upon Saving, you will notice additional info appear below the tax level:

  • Bill Status: Paid vs Unpaid

  • Created On: The date the bill was first created on, can be altered

  • Bill Due: The terms of the vendor selected will automatically determine the bill due date

Be sure to select the vendor first, if you select a vendor that has an accepted purchase order it will suggest for you to add that purchase order info to the bill with a pop up

If applicable you can click the Add button which will add all PO items to the bill you created.

If you are starting a bill with or without connections to a Purchase Order, you can add different items in the bill over on the right middle area.

  • + Account Expense: adds a line item to the bill that can be used for an expense item listed on your chart of accounts

  • + Service: adds a line item to the bill that can be used for one of your services in your database

  • + Inventory: adds a line item to the bill that can be used for one of your inventory items

  • + Equipment: adds a line item to the bill that can be used for one of your equipment items

  • + Add PO item: can tie a purchase order to the bill to add the items of the purchase order to the bill.

You will see the an area for attachments and also payment history on the bottom left side of the bill edit screen.

At the top right area you will have the option to see the maintenance log, assign class, and save the bill, and enter in notes.

At the top left section you have the unique Bill Name and the option to go back to your bill listing.

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