How to Generate a Customer List

How to Generate a Customer List Generate a customer list for Marketing in Arborgold

The Generate Customer List feature is one of the most powerful marketing options that the cloud has to offer. This customer list feature allows you to target customers based on jobs they currently have in the system, or how their account was created and categorized. Meaning that, when that customer was created, if a tag was applied you can search for a specific range of customers.

  • Why use the Generate Customer List? Perhaps you are only looking for a specific range of customers in your database such as your PHC customers or lawn mowing customers. Maybe you are looking to find your customers that have current Work Orders that include a specific service, plant, or item, or even by district/zip code. Generate Customer List also applies to announcements you may want to broadcast to a specific set of customers, or even all customers. Whatever your need may be to generate a customer list, we have you covered! You can select any job status, date range, and other applicable filters in steps 1-3. You will also notice that in option 3, there is an “All and Selected” checkbox to the right of your options. If “All” is selected this simply means that all options in the dropdown will be criteria that the system searches for. So if you wish for the system to only search for one piece of information from a drop-down list, you would select the checkbox under “selected”. The result will always be a complete list of customers that match the criteria that were selected after you hit “Filter” in option 4.

  • Just like with all of the Marketing options that come with the cloud, you can choose to quickly send an email to the list of customers you just generated. You will notice the other options available for option 5. You can export your list to excel to receive a downloadable spreadsheet of those customers including their contact information.

  • Lastly, if you opted into the premium version of the Twilio service, you can choose to send your customers a text-to-speech message by phone using the “Phone Broadcast Message” option.

Once you have filtered for your customers and hit the “Next” button after option 5, you will be redirected to a screen that will look similar to the picture below. You will notice the “continue to email button" at the top right, at which, if your list looks accurate, you can continue to the email screen which is the same as any other Email screen when emailing within Arborgold. In order for your customers to be “Emailed” from the generate customer list, you must first make sure that on the customers information page that you have checked “Batch Email Proposal & Invoice” as well as having a primary email on file.

To wrap up our Generate Customer List feature, you should also see on the same page to the right of the customers to Email that there are customers to Excel side as well. This list is the customers that do not have “Batch Email Proposal & Invoice” checked on their customer account or do not have a “Primary Email” entered in on their customer profile page and you can export that list to Excel.