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To create an inventory mixture you need the following:

  1. An inventory item of type mixture

  2. The inventory item(s) or chemicals that make up that mixture.

You will first need to navigate to the inventory listing page, to get there click the gear cog at the top right and select inventory under items.

To create a new inventory item, click the + Add new button at the top left corner of the inventory screen.

The following information is required when creating an inventory item:

  1. Name (The name of the inventory item)

  2. Type (The type of the inventory item)

  3. Unit (The unit of measurement)

The following information is highly encouraged when adding an inventory item

  1. Unit Cost (The inventory cost for your company at the unit of measurement)

    1. Unit cost will automatically be determined at the mixture item

  2. Unit Price (The inventory price you would charge to the customer)

The Builder buttons can show a guided walk through of how to set your unit cost or price for the inventory item.

When you are creating your inventory items that go inside the inventory item mixture, DO NOT auto calculate the item or Qty fields (These will be set at the mixture inventory item level)

After you have all your inventory items that go inside the mixture, it is time to create the actual inventory mixture item

After clicking the + Add new button again, be sure the following is filled out on the inventory item:

  1. Name (including mix in the name can be helpful to distinguish between a mix and non mix inventory item)

  2. Unit (Unit of application for inventory mixture)

  3. Type: Set this to Mixture

The unit cost will be determined, next click save and navigate to the mixture tab.

Be sure to fill out the follow:

  1. Application Type

  2. Fill out at the bottom all inventory items that are contained in the mixture, and how much you use per the Mix Rate/Ratio that is set at the top (this is based on your unit of measurement and application type)

  3. Be sure to save after all information is accurate, you will see your unit cost back on the information tab for the mixture will be filled out according to how much per inventory item you use in the mixture.

Next, if you are using inventory auto-calculations, navigate to the Qty & Time tab.

Be sure to fill out the following if Auto Calculating Inventory Qty:

  1. Type as Production rate (where you will select Area, Volume, or Plant) or set it to service quantity if desired.

  2. Custom Measurement Values (Be sure to select the proper custom measurement value if using area or volume) Custom Measurements can be edited within the measuring tool on a jobsite for any customer.

  3. Check the Auto Calculate Inventory Qty box

Be sure to fill out the following if Auto Calculating Time:

  1. Put in the Est time per qty values of how many unit of measurements can be done within a period of time

  2. Check the Auto Calculate Inventory Time Box.

Be sure to Save when you are finished

If interested in continuing through auto calculations, there are more steps involved in getting the mixture to auto calculate the qty and or time:

  1. Make the inventory mixture a service resource default on the service.

  2. Map out the customer's job site area if using qty auto calculations on the measuring tool, using the same custom measurement value you selected on mixture level

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